Edizione 2018
The interviews at the Ultra athletes
sabato 14 luglio 2018

It has been a memorable day, the first edition of the new DoloMyths Run, in the Ultra version. Everybody will remember this day and the competition, from the athletes, who had the chance to feel and live the path and the extraordinary landscape, to the Commitee President, satisfied with the new competition formula. Here are the first impressions

Luca Carrara (winner): «I did not see this coming, especially due to my physical conditions. It has been a tough race with high rhythm, and it was decided during the descent to Arabba, when I discovered to be alone, leading the race. A chance I really exploit during the ascent to Porta Vescovo. Two years ago I gave everything for the first part, so this year I managed my energies better. Such ascent was the difference, and it actually made it. I am on cloud nine for the win and I also had the time to enjoy the landscape».

Davide Cheraz (second): «I did not think about a place on the podium and I am really happy about it. It was a memorable competition with breathtaking landscapes, from the beginning to the finish line. I cannot wait to run on this path also next year. Luca, Michele and I were leading the race until km 35, but then Carrara opted for increasing the rhythm in the descent and we were left behind for a couple of minutes. I though I were able to reduce the gap during the ascent, but I could not do it. Cheers to the winner and see you next time».

Cristiana Follador (winner): «I was waiting this moment for three years, and I finally made it. I gave my best, managing my energies knowing my body and my mind, also enjoying the landscapes during the competition. Towards the end of the race, people told me Katia was coming and I tried to runa s fast as I could. And it was worth it. I really had an amazing time».

Katia Fori (second): «It was the first time I took part to this race, I tried it in the winter edition. I have to admit that these places are stunning in the day. I started the competition managing my energies, as I am just back from an injury. At half competition I checked my conditions and began to push further. In Val Gardena I reached and surpassed the American, and I kept my rhythm. It was a great competition, well-organized with top refreshment points, handsome volunteers and an amazing support, which is a very appreciated added value».

Diego Salvador (Organizational Commitee president): «The long week of the DoloMyths Run has begun in the best possible way. A memorable day with lots of appreciations for the route. I cannot be more satisfied, as the Ultra has become a unique event with added value, and the participants know it. Now we are preparing the Vertical of Friday and the Sky of Sunday, without forgetting the material test events and the initiatives with the Salomon athletes, alongside the three evening events about techniques and nutrition of trail running athletes. A enormous thank you to all volunteers of the four valleys. This eventi s a success of the whole community».

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