Edizione 2018
Angermund conquers the title, Laura Orgué completes her poker
domenica 22 luglio 2018

Stian Angermund Vik (foto Mattia Rizzi)
Stian Angermund Vik (foto Mattia Rizzi)

Norway conquers the first place of the 21th edition of the DoloMyths Run Skyrace, with Stian Angermund Vik becoming the king of the competition, proceeding his conational Stian Overgaard Aarvik, an extremely focused 21-years old Norwegian runner, a young talent with enormous potential. It is the first time that a Norwegian conquers the title of the competition, and it is also the first time on the podium for Nadir Maguet, who run together with his friend Davide Magnini for most of the race, and eventually got the podium. The Italian was among the potential winners – as last year he conquered the second place and of Friday he won the Vertical, but had some troubles during the downhill as he suffered from muscular contracture.
Among women, the third title – the forth podium, counting also the ranking of 2014, the Catalan Laura Orgué of Team Salomon, same team of the two best male athletes, was the undiscussed leader of the whole competition from the very beginning, followed by Hillary Gerardi, as happened in 2017 and the by two Swedish sisters Sanna and Lina El Kott Helander.
It has been an unforgettable edition with more than 800 participants from 31 countries. The Dolomyths Run started last Saturday with the Sellaronda Ultra Trail, continued with the Vertical Kilometer of Friday, the Mini Skyrace of Saturday and ending with the Skyrace, with the partnership of Salomon, thanks to which next year the races will be part of the Golden Trail Series, the Olympus of the top Skyrunning competitions.
The race started at 8.30 am under a partially covered sky, allowing the participants to run the complete path to Piz Boè and back. The live streaming on Facebook was also displayed in the main square of Canazei, Piaz Marconi, where plenty of people had the chance to follow the race and support their athletes, among which Stian Angermund and Laura Orgué. At Passo Pordoi, the Norwegian had 4 seconds on Overgaard Aarvik, 7 on Maguet, 9 on Magnini and 44 on Engdahl. The female leader Laura Orgué proceeded Lina El Kott Helander for one minute and 40 seconds, followed by her sister Sanna at 40 seconds and Megan MacKenzie at 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
At Forcella Pordoi Angermund leaded the race, followed by Overgaard Aarvik at more than one minute and the couple Magnini-Maguet at three minutes; Laura Orgué already gathered two minutes on Lina El Kott Helander and four on Hillary Gerardi and Sanna El Kott Helander. The long ascent to Piz Boè was firstly completed by Angermund closely followed by Aarvik (at 1’10”), with Magnini and Maguet at 1’50”. Laura Orgué incremented the gap with Lina El Kott Helander at 3 minutes, with Gerardi at more than 4 minutes distance, 5 minutes on MacKenzie and Azkoberbetia. As the descent begins, another race starts, and today was not differently. Maguet surpassed Magnini and pusher further to reach and surpass the two Norwegians during the descent in Val Lasties. A fantastic performance, which allowed him to be the leader of the competition until Pian Schiavaneis, where the path becomes flatter: from there on, the two Norwegians reacted and surpassed Maguet, conquering and keeping their positions until the finish line.

The interviews

«After the World Title I conquered two years ago, this is among the most important races I have ever won – states Stian Angermund Vik – I was a little bit nervous at the starting, as happens most of the times, and really had positive feelings. I began the race with my own rhythm and focused on reaching Piz Boè as fast as I could. What a feeling! Then I started the downhill, beautiful. As I saw Maguet and Overgaard coming, I tried pushing further, and just one kilometer before the finish line I turned and saw nobody, so I understood I was going to win».
«At Forcella Pordoi a supporter shouted “c’mon Dolomitica!” – says Laura Orguè – I appreciated it so much, as I really love this race and I know every single part of it. I was among the potential winners, but it is never easy to satisfy others’ and your own expectations and feelings cannot be handled. I was nervous at the beginning, but then I was able to focus on myself and find my rhythm. I leaded the race and tried to push and create a gap between me and the girls to avoid surprises during the downhill. My time is higher than my prior performances, but I am satisfied as I won».

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