Edizione 2017
Skyrace Dolomites: the interviews
sabato 22 luglio 2017

The positive trend of the current season of the Catalan Jan Margarit Solé seems to be endless., as he has just won also the Dolomites Skyrace: “I am very satisfied and happy with my result. Gaining the victory here in Canazei is a dream come true. I started pretty slow as I was concerned about the weather conditions, so I only tried to follow closely the leading group. As we reached Forcella Pordoi I was with Marco De Gasperi, which supported me during the ascent making me running even faster and finally we were able to catch the leaders on the way back to Canazei. In the final part, that had to be run, I left back Marco and I reached and surpassed Magnini”.

The second surprise of today is the young Davide Magnini:”Being on the podium of one of the most prestigious skyrunning races is amazing. At the beginning I did not have the intention to participate to the competition as I was pretty tired after the race of last week in Wales, but coming closer to the Dolomites Skyrace I decide to take part to the competition. From the very beginning of the race, I tried to run as fast as I can, I tried also to run fast in the first part of the descent where I surpassed Remi Bonnet, but in the final part, where I had to push to the finish line, I started feeling pain in my legs, also because of the race of last week. Jan reached me, he is incredibly fast in the downhill sections, his performance of today was outstanding”.
On the podium of the male athletes also Marco De Gasperi:”From the very beginning I felt my legs where not in perfect conditions, so it was a white flag already in the first kilometers. Then I found again a good rhythm and together with jan, we did an amazing descent towards Canazei. At the end he had still some fuel, so he reached the leaders and surpassed Magnini. I think the podium is still okay, at the first two positions there are two very young and strong athletes.”
It can not be said that Laura Orguè was disappointed about the change of the track, that cut off Piz Boè:”Gaining the victory here is always amazing, but honestly I am happy they decided to cut off the ascent to the Piz Boè, as I do not like long races. I already had some troubles on Friday with the Vertical Kilometer, and if today I had to reach Piz Boè, I would have probably been in troubles, but this modified track was perfect for me.”
Amazed by the route, the second ranked athlete Hillary Gerardi:”I am very happy about my result, it was an extremely tough but incredible race. I am a little bit disappointed as we could not reach the Piz Boè, but next year I hope we will have the possibility to be on Piz Boè. The landscape and the ambient are unique, we run through breathtaking places, even though for me the race has been difficult since the beginning, also the part on the Diego slope was challenging.”.
It is an unexpected result for Hilde Aders, with her third place:” Today I had the chance to get my own back from yesterday’s race, as it was awkward, even though the vertical is my discipline. I did not expect to be on the podium and I am really surprised by my performance especially in the downhill part, where I have never been extremely fast. Pordoi and Forcella are two one-of-a-kind places. Beautiful competition, with lots of people supporting us”.

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