Edizione 2017
Interviewing the protagonists
venerdì 21 luglio 2017

Patrick Facchini
Patrick Facchini

Patrick Facchini, the winner, is positively surprised: “I’m very happy about the result. I felt my physical conditions were good, moreover the track is kind of adapt for me.”
Remi Bonnet, from Switzerland, ranked second, explains why he can still be happy about the competition and his position: “Until half of the competitions I was leading the group and I legitimately though about winning the race, but then Patrick surpassed me and started imposing an incredible rhythm, so I had to get used to the rhythm and follow Patrick to the top.”

The winner among the female athletes, Axel Mollaret, testifies: “I came here to Canazei with the exact purpose of winning the race, pushed by the sensations of this current season and the results I have got until now, though gaining the first position gives even better feelings than only thinking about conquering it”.
The Finnish Susanna Saapunki, with her second place at the first attempt here at the Dolomites Vertical Kilometer could not have made any better. “I am a winter cross country athlete, I recently started competing in the races and I have to say I can not ever get enough of it, as this second place has to be added to the rank I gained last month in Santa Caterina”.

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