Edizione 2015
The Interviews to the race protagonists
domenica 19 luglio 2015

Also this year the second part of the race and, in particular, the difficult downhill from the 3,152-meter of Piz Boè leading to the 1,450 meters to the finish in Canazei, made a difference to the final victory, as the athlete tell after the race:

Tadei Pivk (Crazy Idea Team): «Finally the victory in this race. In Canazei, I already triumphed in winter ski mountaineering, but never in the Dolomites SkyRace. A victory that I want to share with my wife and with my trainer Luigino that always follow me with enthusiasm. I want to dedicate it to my friend Roland, who has birthday today».
Lastly, a truly noble gesture, «I donate the today cash prize to the populations involved in the earthquake that hit Nepal, I'll do it by delivering the total amount to Mira Rai».

Ionut Alin Zinca (Valetudo Team): «I’m subscribed to the second place in this race, in the past four years I arrived three times behind the winner. It hurts a little bit, but I have no regrets. Tadei had something more; he pulled me off half a minute and he kept it until the end, where I suffered because I had sore feet. Anyway, I am happy because I lowered my personal time of two minutes. Eventually I will win one day».

Pascal Egli (Salewa St. Gallen): «I signed up at the last-minute after the experience of 2013 and I did not think about the podium. From the first kilometers, I felt well; I managed to keep a good pace until La Forcella. Then, I preferred not to overdo trying to manage the energy for the downhill and Saul passed me. I then reached him in the downhill, where together we made a mistake in the path wasting time in the reversals. Pivk and Zinca passed us on the left. I am very happy. Really a great race, with so much public».

Saul Padua Rodriguez (Crazy Idea Team): «I went very well until Passo Pordoi, and then I increased the pace from La Forcella to the Piz Boè trying to make selection. The uphill is my best. Unfortunately, during the downhill had the wrong way and they passed me. The overall performance is positive. It was a special race, the fastest ever on the finish line of Canazei and I will try to start from this result to further improve».

Megan Kimmel (Dynafit Team): «I'm so happy to have taken part in this competition and even more for this victory. Uphill I suffered a lot not to lose too much from Laura Orgué, then downhill I tried to give the best and I went well. I had to wait to get on the road, however, to place the final move, but until when I saw the time I did not realize that I had set a new record».

Laura Orgué Vila (Salomon Team): «Too bad I did not win, but I'm satisfied with my performance, as I set the same time twelve months ago. In the first downhill part, I went well, and then I lost orientation and precious seconds. Because of the heat, I had blisters under my feet and I could not run well. Megan was stronger. Congratulations».

Elisa Desco (Scott Sports): «A podium at the first participation is a great result. I went right up to Passo Pordoi, when I was second, then Kimmel and Dvergsdal passed me. In Val Lasties Forsberg reached and passed me again, but in the last three kilometers, when the road became smoother, I found the right pace, surpassing the Swedish, and then the final 2,000 meters I gave it all, getting the bronze».

Mira Rai (Nepal Trail Running): «What a race, in a really beautiful location. I am satisfied with my performance although I am used to longer races. I am getting used to these distances. I wanted to thank the organizers for the initiative to raise funds for my own people affected by the earthquake. We will use them with Richard Bull of Trail Running Nepal for a particular initiative. "
Diego Salvador (President of the Organizing Committee): "It is not easy to repeat, but every year we always have a record to celebrate. This year the record of the participants, but mostly the one of the nations present, 35. It is a signal that what has been done by the staff is in the right direction. Thank you so much to everyone and especially to the 200 volunteers who were at our disposal with dedication and professionalism all these days».

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